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Hellenic Society

Saturday 16th June 2018, room 349 Senate House, 2pm.

'Nothing to do with Aphrodite: new fieldwork on the city of Ancient Kythera'
An illustrated lecture by Professor Cyprian Broodbank (Director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Disney Professor of Archaeology), Professor Andrew Bevan (Spatial and Comparative Archaeology, UCL), Dr Evangelia Kiriatzi (Fitch Laboratory Director, British School at Athens) and Professor Ioannis Petrocheilos (University of Ioannina).

4pm AGM

Roman Society

Saturday 2 June, 2018, Woburn Suite (G22/26), Senate House

2pm: AGM

Nero: art, politics, culture

2.30 Professor Dominic Rathbone: Nero: naughty but nice?

3.00 Professor Eugenio La Rocca: The parietal mosaic with the apotheosis of a poet from the Mouseion on the Oppian hill

3.45: Tea

4.15 Dr Carrie Vout: Nero and the art of dissolution

4.45 Professor Matthew Leigh: Pliny the Elder and Nero

5.15 Presidential Lecture

Professor Catharine Edwards: Seneca’s Letters: how (not) to write about Nero

6.00 Reception

Institute of Classical Studies

A list of the ICS seminars & events is available here.