2022 Events

19 October

Natalie Haynes: Stone Blind

Naatlie talked about her new book Stone Blind,  before a reception in the Library.

Medusa is one of the most recognisable figures in Greek Myth: her face has stared out at us for millennia, from Agamemnon’s shield in the Iliad to Versace’s logo now. Gorgons and gorgon heads were an enormously popular feature on ancient statues and temples. So was Medusa always the terrifying monster we have made her? Natalie Haynes took us on a fast-paced tour through the history of Medusa, who she was and why we still see her all around us today. From the author of Pandora’s Jar and the new Medusa novel, Stone Blind, Natalie Haynes showed us how to survive contact with someone who can turn you to stone with a glance.


27 May

Coin Handling at the British Museum

A group of members of the Friends of Minerva and Apollo Society visited the British Museum, Department of Coins and Medals, to look at a range of coins from archaic Greece to the early Byzantine empire, with Dr Andrew Burnett (previously Keeper of Coins and Medals).

Gold coin of Claudius depicting the Arch commemorating his conquest of Britain
BMC 44 © The Trustees of the British Museum