2021 Events

1 July

Wood and Ceramic: introducing digital methods with Classics Library special collections

The Wood Archive is a collection of diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks and published works relating to a tour of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant, made by between May 1750 and June 1751 by the classical scholar Robert Wood, the archaeologists John Bouverie (who died during the tour) and James Dawkins, and the draughtsman Giovanni Battista Borra. The Ehrenberg Bequest is a collection of antiquities, mostly ceramics, bequeathed to the Institute of Classical Studies in 1976 by Victor Ehrenberg, on the understanding that the collection was to be used for teaching and handling.

This event involved short presentations on the history of the collections, their unique features, and some of the novel uses to which the digital models have been put, demonstrations of some of the platforms used, and questions and discussion with the participants.

Watch the event here: https://youtu.be/WPIHmEM0QGk

4 December

Visit to Colchester

Members of the Friends of Minerva and Apollo Society were invited to join a visit to Colchester in December.  The group visited the Circus, the Temple of Claudius and the Decoding the Roman Dead exhibition.


Colchester Circus