Classical Association Grant

We were delighted to receive a £20,000 grant from the Classical Association to fund a development project, which is now well underway.  The project is a continuation of the COACS (Cataloguing Open Access Classics Serials) project, funded in 2017 by the Institute of Classical Studies to catalogue c. 1,500 open access periodicals.  As well as open access periodical titles, this also involved the collection of article level data, where it was available, and resulted in the creation of around 60,000 MARC (Machine Readable Cataloguing) records at article level. Simona Stoyanova, who undertook the initial work, returned to initiate a second stage to this project, funded by the Classical Association. Simona worked with the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) to make available the initial output at a national level, and to identify the most effective way to utilise the article level data gathered during the first stage of the project. A second phase of the CA funded project was to gather records relating to open access monographic publications, and incorporate them in the library catalogue, ultimately making this information available nationally and internationally. Additional work has been carried out on the data we have on open access serials to make it more compatible with the existing catalogue records. We also organised and funded a one-day workshop that brought together librarians, publishers and academics among others to discuss how best to approach the question of monographs.

Simona Stoyanova